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Drop fat - look good

The Diet Plan was developed by Neil Mcteggart - Personal Trainer and Mens Health Magazines Online Fitness Editor. This book will show you where you make mistakes in the gym and in the kitchen when trying to get in shape.


The Diet Plan contains everything you need to know to drop fat and look good with minimum fuss. This plan is 90 pages long and gives basic advice to help you add muscle and drop fat. Jargon has been kept to a minimum !

This plan includes a FREE online support forum for users to swap ideas, tips and recipes!

This plan also includes FREE email support if you cannot find an answer to your question on the forum!


Neil McTeggart is a Personal Trainer and the Online Fitness Editor for Mens Health Magazine (UK) - to find out more log on to


"In January I tipped the scales at over 19st and decided to hit the road until a sprained ankle threatened derail my regime. I had read over Neil's thoughts on how weight training was the key to fat loss, I was skeptical but gave it a whirl, in less than 5 months I lost just under 6 stones in weight."

O.J. Liverpool

"The diet and food plan worked and is still working a treat! Cheers.
I'm now down to 14.8% body fat and have still retained muscle mass. (I was 18.6%)

I'm losing 2 lbs a week which is just perfect."


"I thought I knew about what I should/shouldn't be eating and when, however I pretty much noticed results in the first week of putting the principles into effect. I went from 16.5% Body Fat > 11.9%BF (goal was to get sub 12) and actually didn't lose any strength, which I was very surprised at. I had never even considered putting carbs in my post work out drink until Neil suggested it (being a bit carbophobic). I am now using the same principles to 'bulk' with minimal fat gains and although it’s only been a week I've got good results."


"When I started Neil’s diet plan in April I hadn’t seen my abs for a good few years. I’d tried other diets and followed advice from various sources, but it all seemed contradictory and overly complicated. Neil’s plan was simple to follow, clear and something I could stick to, without having to abandon all sorts of a social life! I started to notice the fat dropping off straight away, I also felt healthier and had more energy!

I was 15 stone in April. I’m now 12.5 stone and my body fat is down to 10%. (August)

Thanks Neil I owe you one!"


"In April I was 13 stone and 17% body fat, I was disappointed to lose sight of my abs and wanted to get back down to 10%. After 3 months of using Neil's diet plan, I dropped to 12 stone with 10% body fat, which shows I have also gained some muscle! This is incredible and probably due to the absence of planned ‘cardio’ and the very nutritionally sound guidelines."

Ben Stretch, Lancaster

I saw your picture on your blog and the Men’s Health site – great stuff!

The diet is very good I have passed it on to a few of my friends! I have lost roughly 9lbs and I have not been that strict with it. As a guideline it is brilliant. I have eaten carbs everyday but have lowered them considerably and only consume carbs in the form of brown bread i.e. scrambled egg on toast or sandwich before gym.

Michael Coady

I e-mailed Neil for a copy of his cutting plan and in the space of 7-8 weeks I dropped 10lb of fat, whilst still improving strength on most of my lifts. Down to 12 stone 10 now and I can see my abs due to the shedding of body fat on the plan.

Can't thank you enough mate,


"The plan set out by Neil keeps cutting simple. A straight forward approach to each meal, which can easily be tailored to suit your working day.

Using this plan over a four week period I lost half a stone in the first week alone. Most importantly I saw results in the mirror!"

Lee – Derby


“Just read the book, fab, defo worth the money, lots of great advice, well written, congrats on great job!”

“I’ve spent the last 4 weeks trying to find a decent book regarding diet information as well as work out etc etc. I’ve searched everywhere and no-where seemed to have everything I wanted in one book. After buying the book only around 5 minutes ago at a glance it has everything I’ve been looking for, and from what I can tell a bargain at its price.”

“Just wanted to add a post for anyone undecided whether to buy the diet plan. I bought it today and have read it all and its quality - full of great tips and straight forward easy to understand advice. There’s no messing either, each page is useful information and there’s no pointless padding or flowery bullshit anywhere which is great. Anyone still wondering about parting with cash, its a worthy investment and most of all realistic - it doesn’t promise any crap like lose a stone in a week or whatever like some magazines etc.. meaning you have a real chance of incorporating this into your life rather than trying it for a few days before giving up due to its ridiculous conditions like a lot of magazine rubbish.

Top work fella, well worth the cash”

“Just read it... gotta say I'm impressed.
If anyone’s read the last diet plan, the best way I can describe it, is that the old one was like a conversation over a pint in the pub with a PT friend... whereas this one is like attending a fitness seminar with a good keynote speaker.”

“If you want to lose then you need the help of someone who knows his sh*t, hell you only to look at the guy to see this guy knows his sh*t..."

“Bought the plan on Monday and am well pleased with it.”

“Got the plan earlier today and you have not disappointed!”

“Mate I've just got round to finishing the read and I can say it's top drawer. For someone who is new to training and dieting I would heartily recommend it over anything else, there are good books for training, and good ones for eating right, but this covers the two and overlaps them really well. Considering myself as a relatively experienced trainer (nearly 3 years now) I've still picked up some great tips in there so it's definitely not just for the new guys”

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